In 2019, Aeterna was founded by Will Preble who had a mission after recognizing the marketing industry had become saturated with obtrusive tactics. He wanted to build a methodology which serves both businesses and customers they represent.

The Subtle Ocean delighted at the opportunity to work with Aeterna, helped shape their brand identity and strategy to meet the vision they are working towards.

Young Professionals of Minneapolis is an organization of aspiring leaders and executives who balance play and taking their vision and mission seriously. They wish to shape the future of their city by developing and connecting young individuals focused on the same goal.

The Subtle Ocean loved the vigor and tenacity this young group of individuals brought to the table. YPM was looking to rebrand their vision, mission, and values to represent their objectives clearly for the next 5 years. Together we formed a concrete approach in conceptualizing their identity, and next steps of action in being the premier organization who will represent THE Young Professionals of Minneapolis.

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